You've Been Framed Series 20-22 Title Card (2007-2010)

Series 20 Aired Between October 30th 2007 And May 11th 2008. An Updated Intro And Outro Was Introduced, But The Theme And Bumpers (Except For The Ad Break Bumpers) Are The Same As Series Originaly Aired On ITV1, This Series (And It's Specials) Commonly Reairs On ITV2.


Freepost You've Been Framed

Written And Narrated By

Harry Hill

Produced In Association With

American Broadcasting Company

Vin Di Bona Productios

Tokoyo Broadcasting Systems

Action Time

Script Associate

Richard Easter


Chris Barham


Dion Sturat

Samamtha Handy



Clip Co-ordinator

Sarah Urban

Edit Co-ordinator

Charlotte Topliss

Production Manager

Jason Pollitt

Production Executive

Helen Bratt

Head Of Production

Leah Milton

Research Team

Amanda Barnes

Mark Challender

Helen Clucas

Zoe Knights

Niel Summers

Laura Thompson

Assistant Producer

Kelly Derbyshire

Executive Producer

Michael Kelpie


Chris Thorton

(C) ITV Productions Ltd 2007

(2006 ITV Productions Logo Follows Credits)

Credits Background: 2006 ITV Generic Credits Background (Blue Rectangles)


ITV1 (Original Airings, 2007-2008)

ITV2 (Reruns, 2008-)

Videos: Edit

You've Been Framed! Intro (2007-2010)

You've Been Framed! Intro (2007-2010)

You've Been Framed! End Credits (2007-2008)

You've Been Framed! End Credits (2007-2008)

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